Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Saying Goodbye is So Hard

This is Betty.

Or, maybe you know her as Elizabeth.

Or, Betts.

Or, Grandma Betty.

Or, Aunt Betty.

But no matter how you know her, she is still my sister Elizabeth Walker.

And she moved.

For almost 3 years she lived right next to us. We shared more than just a cup of sugar from time to time.

As we all must move on to new adventures in life, she took her adventure up north to live near her kids.

I miss you Betty! And good luck with your new adventure!

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  1. I love it- but it makes me sad that she's not next door any more. What a blessing to hsve been so close for 3 years!!

  2. What a cute picture! I think we need to fix the whole 'saying goodbye' issue by just having you move up here, Donna, because we all miss you! It makes me sad that every time I go to visit her now, I don't get to see you, too. Love you!

  3. Me, too! But, I don't know about all that cold weather...I am a 'capri, flip-flop girl"! Yet, I do feel good about moving there....hopefully we will know within the next year where we will be and what we should do.
    Miss you, Sweetie!
    Auntie Donna

  4. So i noticed i never even check your blog anymore, cuz your posts are so far and few between. i'm glad you posted this. we miss betty too. she was such a part of the family...maybe cuz she IS family?

    anyway, things aren't the same without her. we will have to reunite in utah one day.